Talk of the Turnstile – Issue 8

Welcome to issue 8 of Talk of the Turnstile

We shall start with the exciting news about Euro 2020 and the host nations. For those of you that don’t already know, UEFA came to the decision after Euro 2012 that the 2020 edition would be played out over the continent of Europe as opposed to just one or two countries. Don’t get me wrong it’s a nice idea but you’ll lose the feeling of going to another country and really experiencing their culture and what their appetite for football is, chances are you’ll only be in that country for two days as opposed to a week and a half for example. We have the qualifiers for something like this in all fairness but hey, I don’t work for UEFA so I don’t get any say in that matter.

A positive point of this however is that countries that are not usually a contender to host a tournament of this size will get an opportunity to host certain games. Countries like Azerbaijan have been awarded the chance to host a quarter final match in their capital Baku, which is great for the nation.

I’m particularly happy as Wembley has been awarded not only the semi-finals but also the final so London should be buzzing for that. It also gives England an extra incentive to really push to reach that final. A long shot perhaps, but you’ve got to have that belief don’t you? Below is the list of host cities and what matches they will see.

Final and semi-finals
Wembley Stadium – England/London


Three group games, one quarter-final
Olympic Stadium Baku – Azerbaijan/Baku
Allianz Arena – Germany/Munich
Stadio Olimpico – Italy/Rome
New Zenit Stadium – Russia/Saint Petersburg

Three group games, one round of 16 game
Telia Parken – Denmark/Copenhagen
New Puskas Ferenc Stadium – Hungary/Budapest
Amsterdam Arena – Netherlands/Amsterdam
Aviva Stadium – Republic of Ireland/Dublin
Arena Nationala – Romania/Bucharest
Hampden Park – Scotland/Glasgow
San Mames – Spain/Bilbao

So as you can see Euro 2020 will be played all over Europe and should hopeful excite all nations that the tournament lands in. I do feel like Wales and the Millenium Stadium deserved an inclusion. It is a 74,000 capacity and is one of the best stadia I have been too. Some will notice France has not been included but that is due to them hosting Euro 2016.

Yellow is our new black!

Some of you may have seen the announcements on our Facebook page this week of the new Yellow 2015 Blind bag that has replaced the 2014 Blind Bag. So you may have guessed Yellow will be the colour of SoccerStarz for the 2014/15 season. Nice and bright don’t you think?

Our CITV bumper has been running for a little over three weeks now and if you haven’t seen it where have you been? I’ll post the it here for you so that you can have a look if you haven’t already. Have you got the theme stuck in your head yet? SoccerStarz, SoccerStarz,SoccerStarz!!

Week 5, Premier League fixtures.

20 Sep 12:45 QPR v Stoke
20 Sep 15:00 Aston Villa v Arsenal
20 Sep 15:00 Burnley v Sunderland
20 Sep 15:00 Newcastle v Hull
20 Sep 15:00 Swansea v Southampton
20 Sep 17:30 West Ham v Liverpool
21 Sep 13:30 Leicester v Man Utd
21 Sep 13:30 Spurs v West Brom
21 Sep 16:00 Everton v Crystal Palace
21 Sep 16:00 Man City v Chelsea


New York Yankees spend another week on top the SoccerStarz Premiership league table. That’s three in a row now. Can anyone knock them off this week?

Week 4

We will be back again next week so make sure you check back then.

Thanks again for reading.

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