Talk of the Turnstile – July 12th

Welcome to the FINAL special Samba edition Talk of the Turnstile, bringing a weekly round up of all things World Cup and SoccerStarz!

It was seventh-heaven for Germany as they demolished Brazil 7-1 and if you expect that to happen, well then pat yourself on the back because you deserve it.

The Final is this Sunday, kick off at 8pm GMT+1

Germany vs Argentina.

Interestingly this will be the third time that these two have met in the final, each winning one.

I’ll be airing my predictions on our Facebook page over the coming days so make sure you tune into that to see who I think will be crowned World Champions.

We best not forget the third place playoff which takes place on Saturday night as Brazil face Netherlands for the chance to take home bronze medals and a third place finish.

Saturday 12th July 9pm GMT+1

Brazil vs. Netherlands

It’s been a thrilling tournament, the best of recently memory and it will all come to an end this Sunday in the showpiece final in the Maracana.

Moving away from the World Cup as we can’t wholly ignore the club game

Some brief headlines

  • Transfer rumours heat up as Khedira wants to join Arsenal, Evra could end up at Juventus, Vidal could go the other way and become and United player, whilst Di Maria is also up for grabs…. apparently

With the close season now upon us, the transfer mill has gone into overdrive. So over the coming months we will try to keep you as updated as possible on the majority of transfers as and when they happen.

Transfer news

  • Alexis Sanchez seals move to Arsenal
  • Barcelona announce Luis Suarez to join club

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