Talk of the Turnstile – Issue 18

Welcome to Talk of the Turnstile, issue 18

Why the hoo-ha over United’s four wins in a row? Man City closes the gap slightly, why the FA’s England DNA report will not solve anything.

Why has United winning four on the bounce been made into such a big deal?

So Manchester United have won four games on the trot to “affirm” their place in the top four, one point behind Southampton (the team they face Monday Night on Sky Sports) and five from second placed Manchester City. There has been much fan-fare about Van Gaal’s side winning four in a row, but does it warrant so much media hype? This used to be the norm for United, and whilst they may not have been enjoying the best of times the last year or so I feel the amount of praise given here is rather high. Yes the win at Arsenal was great, the performance less so, the other victories have been less than “emphatic” apart perhaps the Hull City result. As a WBA fan said to me recently, “United used to win four on the bounce all the time, so why are we making such a big deal about it?”

Aguero again proved why he is the most dangerous striker in the Premier League taking his tally to 14 for the season. Manchester City picked up maximum points over the two games with wins over Southampton and Sunderland, scoring seven in the process, to close the gap by two points as Chelsea drew with Sunderland but then beat Spurs 3-0.

The FA released their plan to change the national team’s DNA this week as to address England’s supposed failures. I for one agree with one thing, change is needed; is this the correct way to do so? I for not one second think this is it. Until we as a collective unit are willing to invest in grassroots football then this “DNA” programme will be obsolete. What we should be doing is telling the coaches of today that whilst it’s nice to see your under 8 side winning the more important thing should be to see them play nice attractive football and not a “win at all costs” type kick and rush game that is so frequently seen at youth level. Don’t get me wrong to have a plan is a good thing, but to have a good plan is something entirely different.

You can see the Premier League fixtures below.

06 Dec 12:45 Newcastle v Chelsea
06 Dec 15:00 Hull v West Brom
06 Dec 15:00 Liverpool v Sunderland
06 Dec 15:00 QPR v Burnley
06 Dec 15:00 Spurs v Crystal Palace
06 Dec 15:00 Stoke v Arsenal
06 Dec 17:30 Man City v Everton
07 Dec 13:30 West Ham v Swansea
07 Dec 16:00 Aston Villa v Leicester
08 Dec 20:00 Southampton v Man Utd

The SoccerStarz Premiership standings

Week 14

True Northerns are back on top after the double gameweek, however first and fifth are only separated by ten points. The league really is starting to get exciting and with the transfer window just round the corner who knows what could happen next.


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