Talk of the Turnstile – Issue 11

International week, Sol Campbell tells the FA to give G.Nev the boot, and UEFA finally see sense in the seeds.

Welcome to another edition of Talk of the Turnstile, the place where I discuss recent goings-on in the world of football and of course SoccerStarz.

The international fixtures seem like a good place to start, especially if you are a Slovakian fan. A 2-1 victory over Spain was the major surprise in the Thursday night fixtures, whilst England lumbered to a 5-0 win over minnows San Marino. As Hodgson had said prior to the game “don’t expect a lot of goals” many fans still expected lots of goals against a side that is joint bottom of the world rankings. Five goals was to be the total on this night, not quite the eight that they scored passed them a few years back mind, but it’s about getting the win. As for Spain, Casillas can certainly be blamed for the first goal and one wonders how long Del Bosque will continue with the keeper after a few blunders. With De Gea now knocking on the door, you would think it will be sooner rather than later.

One story that did surprise me this week is Sol Campbell supposedly making the notion that Gary Neville shouldn’t be part of the England setup and that he should be instead. The claim is that Campbell is just about to finish his pro license badges and that because of the career he has had, he deserves a job in football, namely Neville’s England job. When you look at this in more detail than technically everything he has said means Neville should keep the job. So let’s break it down.

1. Neville also has his coaching badges

2. Comparing Neville and Campbell’s career, take a peep at the table below

G.Neville Campbell
England Caps 85 73
Premier League 8 2
FA Cup 3 3
League Cup 2 1
Champions League 2 0
World Club Cup 1 0
Intercontinental Trophy 1 0
Community Shield 3 0

So on that basis alone, Hodgson very much has the correct man in the job. No doubt Campbell will find himself a job in football once he has finished his pro license and I for one hope it is with one of the top clubs in the game, if not then certainly the Premier League.

On a final note UEFA have decided to alter the way the seeding works for the Champions League. The league winners of the top leagues will now be a top seed for the group draws. It makes a whole lot of sense that UEFA have gone down that route and I think it makes for a much fairer system.

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The SoccerStarz Premiership standings.

Week 7

New York Yankees have remained top after week 7 and have begun to open a little points gap. Hugh Or? are now joint second with Lunatic Attack Force but both are 22 points behind NYY.

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