SoccerStarz unveil three new poses

SoccerStarz will be adding three brand new poses to their line up for the coming season. These poses will be released for a limited number of players for the 2014/15 range, but thereafter will feature more prominently starting with the 15/16 season.

The three new poses can be seen below (minus a players head).

Pointing to the Sky Pose

The “pointing to the sky pose” is the first of the three new poses for the 2014/15 season. Often seen when a player walks out on to the pitch or when a goal celebration takes place.


Pre-match line up Pose

The pose most common during the team line up at the beginning of the game or just before the national anthem


Kneeling Down Pose

Often seen during the team photo before a match, this pose shows the player down on one knee, but no it is not a marriage proposal.


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