FIFA to investigate a winter World Cup

So it is official Sepp Blatter and FIFA have once again moved the goalposts to suit themselves. The decision on whether the World Cup will now be taken after the 2014 World Cup. If decision is to move the tournament to the winter, cue absolute havoc with the European Leagues, the transfer window, The FIFA Club World Cup, Champions League, Europa League, need I name many more?

Why Qatar were awarded the World Cup in the first place is beyond most football fans. They haven’t even qualified for a past tournament. It was clear from day one that the heat was going to be an issue. They had trouble with USA’94 with the unbelievable heat in Dallas when it reached 45C (113F). UEFA President Michel Platini points out that nobody criticised the decision then, yet, one would expect the mistake not to happen twice.

Qatar have also been accused of mistreating migrant workers, meaning FIFA President Sepp Blatter will visit the country

Whilst we still have nine years left to go until the tournament, (yes nine long years, where we will never hear an end to matter), so anything can happen in between now and then.

Ready for a winter World Cup?

Ready for a winter World Cup?

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