A Moyal mess up

The season goes from bad to worse for all that be associated with Manchester United.

April 22nd 2013, A Robin Van Persie hat-trick gives Manchester United their 20th Premier League crown

April 22nd 2014, David Moyes leaves Manchester United following his failure to secure a top four finish.

The season of 2013/14 will be one to forget for Manchester United, as failure to qualify for the Champions League and to add salt to the wounds, the likeliness that Liverpool are set to win the Premier League means this year has been an utter disaster. One asks however, have they taken the right course of action by sacking David Moyes?

I believe they have made the wrong choice. Time was needed yet time he has not been given, 10 months is a very short time indeed and yes he did inherit the current champions, but it was clear this team is at the end of the road. Agreed, he hasn’t at time helped himself a major example being the signing of Fellaini, a mountain of a man, but a mouse of a footballer, and the consistent assurances that United were planning for something bigger. The signing of Juan Mata excited everyone, but even he has yet to fully mould into a top class MUFC player, no doubt though he will get time to do so….

The constant rumblings of player unrest namely with star striker Robin Van Persie and the moddy coddling of 300k Wayne Rooney, is in stark contrast to the end of last season, when RVP was clearly United’s golden boy and Rooney was seen to be out on his own. Rooney is now seen as the future United captain whilst RVP could be on his way out.

For me though the one major issue here, is David Gill or rather lack of. No disrespect to Ed Woodward, Gill would have made Moyes’ job 10 times easier. He was the man Fergie went to when he needed new players, Gill knew how to perform in the transfer market and to get the players that United deemed worthy, whilst Woodward has none of that experience he is however dynamite at signing sponsor deals as former commercial director, you wouldn’t expect anything less. Unfortunately for both him and Moyes, he hasn’t “transferred” these skills to the world of football’s transfer market; he needs to put this right this coming summer.

All in all, do not expect United to be “back” come next season, as a change just provides the team with a further year of transition. A top four finish will be priority next season, so they will at least be in Europe’s elite competition. A Europa League place is still a possibility this year, but that still depends on other team’s results, so four wins from the final four league games is a must for the Red Devils.

So who will be the man to replace the “chosen one”?

Ryan Giggs has been named as interim until a permanent manager has been appointed. With Klopp already ruling himself out of the running, expect names such as Louis Van Gaal, Laurent Blanc and even Carlos Queiroz to crop up on a regular basis.

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David Moyes saw his Manchester United side lose to Sunderland in the League Cup semi-final first leg

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